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In Sanskrit "Dee" means intellect. "Ksha" means the horizon or the end. "Deeksha" means blossoming beyond the intellect. In the context of yoga, Deeksha refers to the process of knowledge or energy transfer from a guru to the student planting the seeds of oneness. It is a journey from the Head to the Heart.

Deeksha Yoga specializes in Vinyasa flow yoga which is a dynamic style of yoga linking breath to movement creating a moving meditation. The rising sun represents the potential for growth and new beginnings giving an opportunity to reflect and discover oneself. Flowing water, on the other hand, represents the dynamic and ever-changing nature of life. Together, the rising sun and the flowing water represent the journey of self-discovery and transformation that is at the heart of finding one’s samsara. As one flows through the postures, one becomes more self-aware and develop insights into their thoughts, emotions, physical sensations, and behavioral patterns and by tuning into their breath, they can release tension and let go of any attachments that are holding them back.


Deeksha Yoga’s classes are designed to help students learn to ride the waves of breath, continually aligning breath and body into a rhythmic flow of consciousness helping students deepen their yoga practice, increasing flexibility and strength and cultivating a sense of inner peace and harmony. Classes are suitable for practitioners of all levels; are a fun combination of stories, asanas, meditation, and mantra and are customized to meet the specific needs and goals of each student. Deeksha Yoga invites you to join and embark on a journey towards self-discovery and inner transformation. 


My Journey

It is said that yoga finds you when you need it the most. In the midst of hardships, Diksha was desperately searching for a life raft and universe sent her the gift of Yoga Teacher Training scholarship for which she is beyond grateful.


She completed her 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training with CorePower Yoga, SF in 2021. She is also a student and follower of Sri Sri Ravishankar’s Art of Living Foundation and decided to incorporate self-care practices into her daily routine to heal her mind and soul. Not only did these practices help her find true meaning of physical transformation, but also witness the connection between mind, body and spirit.


Once Diksha experienced the growth and healing spiritual practices had to offer, she knew she wanted to share the practice with others who desire inner growth, connection, and empowerment through self-awareness and decided to offer her own yoga teaching services under the name "Deeksha Yoga".

Diksha resides in San Francisco Bay Area and was born and raised in New Delhi, India. She is a scientist by training and is very passionate about not only saving lives of cancer patients but also combining the power of science with yoga. When she is not working, she can be found exploring nature, traveling and spending quality time with friends and family.

"I had an intimate yoga class with Diksha and I enjoyed her excellent instruction easily. As a beginner in Yoga, I was a bit worried that I would find it hard to follow but it was the complete opposite. Her soothing voice and calming words of love and self acceptance is sheer bliss. To anyone reading this comment, you owe it to yourself to try Deeksha Yoga."
"I had an amazing experience with Diksha! It was my first time doing yoga outdoors, and it was magical to be breathing in fresh air while being guided through positions, and then ending in shavasana with the sun shining down brightly. I felt so relaxed and content I could've napped right there! Some of my favorite things about this class:- Diksha's instructions were clear and she demonstrated exactly what to do so it was easy to follow along. There were also optional modifications to make the postures more or less difficult. - The class weaved through phases of more and less intensity so it stayed engaging without being overwhelming. Diksha included a variety of postures that allowed for sideways, backwards etc. turning, twisting, and stretching that aren't part of many other yoga classes I've been to and I also made new friends!"

Ikram Belayneh


Ikram Belayneh

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